International standard for certification of a CSR management system

The ESG 1000 standard (ESG for Environmental, Social and Governance - Index 1000) sets out the requirements relating to a CSR management system policies, which can be used by an entity to improve its practices in terms of social responsibility, with the view to sustainable development.
The international ESG 1000 standard can be certified to. The standard therefore is suited to the certification mechanism and is intended to be used by companies or organizations of any type, aiming to add value to their social, ethical, environmental and governance policies. The ESG 1000 standard brings together the ESG criteria that make it possible to measure and assess the impact and the performance of CSR policies of an entity.

THE ESG 1000®

All the measures that the entities have to adopt in terms of CSR

The methods used to assess the level of compliance and effectiveness of the implemented CSR management system, with a view to obtain the ESG 1000 certification.

Of investors are ready to give up on their stake in companies that do not take sufficient actions in favor of the CSR measures.
Source: Global Investor ESG
Survey 2021 PWC.
Of consumers declare being sensitive to reasoned consumption and expect brands to undertake actions and help them to consume better.
Source : Etude Oney
Of Millennial employees (1984 to 1996) state being more loyal to their employers if they are committed to social and environmental concerns
Source: Millennial employee engagement study (Cone)
Of consumers around the world prefer to consume goods and services from companies that uphold their personal values.
Source : Accenture 2018

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Regardless the title of a decision-maker, it is essential to provide the guarantee of reliable and transparent information to the various stakeholders, including regulators, particularly with the entry into force of new directives, such as the European Union Directive on reporting dedicated to the sustainable development of companies (CSRD), or others.

Certificate of conformity

Obtaining a certificate of compliance in terms of governance and good CSR practices became an essential component of an organization reputation.

ESG 1000 certification is obtained following CSR assessments, using internationally standardized ESG criteria specific to each business sector. The evaluation criteria to the ESG 1000 standard are based on international requirements and are built in a logic of contribution to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).